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Forwarding a passion. Leschaco in Tank Container Magazine

The renowned Tankcontainer Magazine interviewed me for its December 2022 issue about the history of Leschaco, but also about our plans for the coming years. Not only did I have the chance to highlight our more than 2,500 employees in 73 offices in more than 23 countries, but I was also able to go into detail about our further growth plans, new markets, new offerings for our customers and new technologies. Of course, the main topics were our activities in the tank container sector and current trends and tendencies in dangerous goods logistics. Where is digitalization taking us? Have customer demands in the chemical industry changed with the pandemic? Are there new regional trends in the globalization of logistics? These were some of the questions around which my conversation with the editors of Tankcontainer Magazine revolved.

A short excerpt from the interview:

Tank Container Magazine:

Which container types are experiencing the strongest growth and why?

Maximilian Nause:

Our customer base and general market influences require flexibility and economies of scale, so we see continued growth potential for T11 standard equipment in the 25m3 and 26m3 (baffle wall tank container) sizes. The trend is toward local and regional demand, where larger capacities are in demand. Baffle tank containers offer us the ability to optimize equipment flows and serve customers with specific product requirements in different trades.


What trends do you see in tank containers???

Maximilian Nause:

Driven by corporate green logistics goals, we are seeing a shift from flexibags and drums to tank containers, for example. This will further increase our growth potential in the coming years. Leschaco supports the defined UN Sustainable Development Goals and has recently achieved Ecovadis Silver status once again. We develop green product solutions to expand our position in decarbonizing supply chains. Especially for sensitive products, real-time tracking and transparency along the customer’s supply chain are in greater demand. Telematics, standardized data exchange and integration of the supplier environment are therefore Leschaco’s main drivers for ensuring end-to-end transparency in the future.
We invest in fleet management systems and deploy a digital customer platform to increase transparency of information. New technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are being used to improve the overall efficiency of the business. We recently launched Leschaco eBL, developed by Wave BL, which enables us to offer our customers an efficient and secure digital solution for the transport of sea freight and trade documents. Fast and secure transport of commercial documents is an essential part of the supply chain. More generally, tank container operators need to have a clear strategic direction for their digital transformation to gain competitive advantage in the future.

The complete interview is available for download here.

TM Interview Tankcontainertrends

Illustrations: Tankcontainer Magazine December 2022

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