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EPCA57 WIEN 2023

Leschaco at the 57th EPCA Annual Meeting in Vienna

The 57th Annual Meeting of the European Petrochemical Association – “EPCA” for short – will be held in Vienna from September 25 to 28, 2023. Of course, Leschaco is also present as a member of the association. Here we focus on ensuring efficient safety standards within the dangerous goods industry. This year, the convention is all about “Collaboration for Impact” – and by that, it means companies, industry associations and representatives working together for greater impact or, more readily, influence on energy security, affordability and sustainability. The European Petrochemical Association (EPCA) as a leading organization and its members are dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and best practices in the petrochemical and related industries.

How does EPCA 57 position itself?

EPCA_LogoSafety in the hazardous materials industry is critical because our industrial sector works with hazardous materials. And we are all aware that these materials can have an impact on people and the environment. EPCA 57 aims to showcase best practices, latest innovations and state-of-the-art technologies to enhance safety in our industry and minimize accidents. The conference will provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience between professionals, academics, regulators and businesses to work together to create a safer and more sustainable future.

Who visits the EPCA 57?

Basically, this is an event in which only employees of EPCA member companies can participate. Thus, the annual meeting is not a public professional conference. Members of EPCA are, for example, petrochemical companies. As key players in the hazardous materials industry, they must understand and implement the latest safety standards and practices. This is primarily to minimize risks and protect employees, the public and the environment.

Furthermore, the visitors and participants include companies that develop and offer security technologies. They can present their solutions at EPCA 57 and strengthen cooperation with potential customers and partners.

But logistics and transport companies are also “in good hands” at EPCA. These companies – and we at Leschaco are among them – are responsible for the safe transport of dangerous goods. We must always be aware of best practices and protocols to prevent accidents and ensure regulatory compliance. And where, if not in Vienna, can we exchange information about current regulations and methods?

Not to be forgotten, however, are regulators, who are not to be missed at the event. After all, representatives of government agencies and authorities can and must also keep abreast of such innovations, as their regulations and standards have a direct influence on safety standards in the dangerous goods industry.

Last but not least, representatives of research institutions and scientists will also meet on site. It also counts for this group to learn about the latest findings and innovations in security research. Researchers are critical to the continuous improvement of hazardous materials safety worldwide.

Our EPCA team on site - we look forward to meeting you

For Leschaco, EPCA 57 provides a unique opportunity to strengthen our presence in the hazardous materials industry. By attending the conference, we can benefit from the latest developments and best practices in the security industry. It allows us to network with experts, learn from other attendees’ case studies, and potentially discover new technologies or partnerships that could improve their security processes. And the same goes for the other way around: Come by, talk to our experts on site and exchange ideas on the hot topics and developments. From Leschaco, Nils Fahrenholz, Incoming Chief Operating Officer, Mathias Kaufhold, Head of Tank Container Competence Center EMEA/India, Marc Engeland, Trade Lane Manager Asia, and Michael Wallraven, Chief Growth Officer at Logward, will be available as contact persons from September 25-28.

logward_logoAmong other things, we will devote our presence to the topic of tank containers, as these are the safest and most sustainable means of transporting liquid chemicals. Fun Fact: 95 percent of the materials processed in the manufacture of such a container are recyclable. It is quite clear that our new warehouse in Moerdijk will also be a topic on site. The warehouse offers modern, enormously high safety standards, and these also apply to dangerous goods. In addition, our partner Logward will represent its solutions in the area of Sourcing & Logistics. With Logward, we offer a platform that promotes true collaboration between different stakeholders along the value chain and thus ensures the necessary quality standards.

Our conclusion on EPCA 57

EPCA 57 in Vienna is a unique event dedicated to safety in the dangerous goods industry. The conference will provide valuable insights, networking opportunities and innovative solutions to achieve the most important goal of all we create: A safer and more sustainable hazardous materials industry. For Leschaco and the other participants, participation in EPCA 57 is an investment in their safety practices and business success. The EPCA 57 website provides more information and the opportunity to register at this important event.

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