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Advance notice: Leschaco at NACD ChemEdge 2023

Why it is a matter of course for us to present ourselves at this year’s ChemEdge 2023 conference cannot be explained in a single sentence. So I want to use this blog post to illustrate both details about the symposium itself and our reasons for attending.

This year’s ChemEdge 2023 will be held Aug. 16-18 in The Woodlands, a community in the Houston, Texas, region. The event is a conference and trade show hosted by the National Association of Chemical Distributors. The symposium provides the space for professional and legal training and, of course, the all-important networking between chemical companies and distributors and their suppliers. The focus is on the core topics of environment and health, safety, supply chains as well as logistics, warehousing, procurement/purchasing and also regulatory compliance and inventory management.

Right up our alley - challenges and regulations in everyday business life

This is exactly the range of topics that we encounter again and again in our day-to-day work and that we are confronted with in every business activity, no matter how small. So that’s already the main reason why we will of course be there. Our booth will therefore focus on our core products: Air, ocean, tank and land transportation, supply chain solutions – including shipper-owned tank and 4PL products, contract logistics and trade compliance services. The on-site team is made up of experts from all areas who are ready to discuss these topics with existing and potential customers. At this point, you are already invited to visit our booth when you are on site. Five of Leschaco’s most knowledgeable people will be on hand to assist you: Daniel Stoffler, President and CEO Leschaco, Inc; Greg Crider, Regional Sales and Business Development Manager at the Leschaco Tank Container Competency Center US; and Yakshi Usami Castro, Regional Business Development Manager Chemicals; Cheri Kaufmann, responsible for Territory Sales; and Christelle Widmeyer, National Key Account Manager. All of these colleagues look forward to discussing with you the innovations and also proven benchmarks and benchmarks in the field of chemical logistics.

So why are we in the Woodlands with Leschaco?

It is important for us to broaden and deepen our relationships within the chemical manufacturing and distribution community through NACD ChemEdge 2023. In times of economic and market instability, it is crucial that shippers and importers have such partners who thoroughly understand their business. This serves the goal of all industry players to link the global network, available technologies and capable teams of experts to proactively provide sustainable and effective solutions. And one thing is certain: as a family-run, private logistics company with more than 140 years of experience, the Leschaco Group is just such a valuable and important partner.

So what constitutes the NACD?

Founded in 1971, the association supports chemical distributors and their partners within supply chains. National Association of Chemical Distributors member companies process and compound, package and store, and transport and market chemical products for more than 750,000 customers. It is widely known that the chemical distribution industry is a major economic driver, employing well over 80,000 people. As a result, the association’s members generate nearly $7.5 billion in tax revenue, spread across countless local communities across the country where they reside and operate.

Come to Texas!

If you’re from the industry, you won’t want to miss NACD ChemEdge 2023. Learn about important legal, operational and administrative issues on the spot. Expand your knowledge of the latest products and services through in-depth discussions and presentations, and meet experts with the most innovative solutions for the chemical industry. Expand your contacts – we look forward to seeing you in any case. For more information on the event, visit https://www.nacd.com/education-meetings/meetings/2023-chemedge/. After the conclusion of NACD ChemEdge 2023, we will of course report in detail on the event here. You can be curious.

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