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Participants at LogiChem 2023 - there's more to it than just the chemistry

It is no secret that LogiChem has been the must-attend event for managers of the world’s leading chemical companies for more than 20 years. Supply chain, dangerous goods logistics and the optimization of transport and trade are the focus here. Officially, this describes itself as “LogiChem analyzes the key decisions facing supply chain management at leading top European manufacturers.”

Yes, I guess that’s true. For us as one of these leading companies in the field of chemical logistics, the well thought-out supporting program of LogiChem is always a platform with which we can discuss our knowledge, decades of know-how and all the many innovations that we encounter again and again. Breakout workshops, case study presentations, panel discussions, and customer forums provide an opportunity to exchange ideas with experts and opinion leaders.

LogiChem 2023 - the industry get-together in Rotterdam

In doing so, LogiChem, which this year will be held March 14-16, 2023, at the Postillion Hotel & Congress Center WTC in Rotterdam, offers unbeatable networking. And what do we expect in particular? Quite simply, we want to focus mainly on our new warehouse project in Moerdijk, the Netherlands, at the show. This is a very big project for us and also a kind of “drumbeat”. We want to position ourselves very clearly in line with our strategic focus on the chemical industry – and now with a product that Leschaco has so far only offered in Asia in this form. We want to make this known in the industry and show that Leschaco offers other options besides sea freight related products – always on the very cutting edge.

We expect to meet a lot of existing customers at LogiChem, but also many interested new customers. We are new to the contract logistics market in the Netherlands and want to become better known with LogiChem. In the long term, we will thus become more and more part of this market. The most important goal here is to fill the warehouse as quickly as possible and to be able to offer our customers interesting solution concepts, possibly also in combination with tank containers in the future.

A rough overview - relevant topics and trends

logichem logoThis involves the storage of chemical products in compliance with rules and regulations. This is no longer possible without further ado, especially in older plants, as the requirements are continuously developing and becoming more stringent. Because with every accident that occurs somewhere in the logistics chain, the causes are examined and, if necessary, legal framework conditions are subsequently adjusted. That is why new warehouse properties of this kind, which are up to date with current requirements, are rare and we are happy and proud to be developing one of the last large new projects of this kind in the Rotterdam area.

In addition, we are also very happy to have our new partner DHG on board, who is very knowledgeable in this area and has a lot of experience in the Dutch market. As already mentioned, we first want to get the actual warehouse up and running. In phase 2, we can also imagine a combination with our tank container product, e.g. as a filling station. This can only be done in the medium term, as such processes must first be approved in a complex procedure – and sustainability is also a priority. For example, solar cells are installed on the roof in advance and parking spaces are equipped with e-charging columns. In addition, the hall no longer requires gas as conventional objects. In addition, as a strategically very favorable location between the two largest European ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, Moeridjk is trimodally accessible, i.e. by road, inland waterway and rail, with the last two modes of transport standing out when it comes to sustainability and costs.

One team, one mission

In order to be able to provide good and detailed advice and support to customers, partners and market companions on site in Rotterdam, we will be represented by some of our best people. Richard Kaat, Managing Director Leschaco Netherlands will be present as well as Jeroen Reijngoudt, Business Development Manager Leschaco Netherlands. In addition, Carsten Baumann, Head of Global Vertical Market Chemicals, and Maximilian Nause, Head of Global Tank Container, will be attending the conference.

LogiChem has a high priority for us. It is an important event for Leschaco, in which we have participated with Leschaco as a visitor so far. With our drumbeat project Moerdijk we now want or rather have to be represented with our own stand for the reasons mentioned. And we are very much looking forward to that.

Now it only remains to hope that we will also be able to welcome you, dear reader, on site. Perhaps your path will lead you to Rotterdam this year from March 14 to 16.

By the way: LogiChem is also available as a mobile app. This keeps you connected before and during the event, so to speak. The organizer promises to use the app to make and maintain contacts even before coming to Rotterdam. People organize calendars, sign up for private sessions, schedule meetings, or find out about speakers. A great service, we think.

If you are interested in a fixed appointment with us: Just send a short e-mail to Richard Kaat. We are looking forward to your message.

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